Sell A Home

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to sell your home! This guide will go through 61 things that will help in getting your home sold. It will also provide valuable insights into how prospective buyers and their agents view your home.
It takes a significant amount of time and knowledge of the industry to effectively market and negotiate the sale of a property, but I am going to share some of my expertise with you in this report. Let me assure you that what you learn in this guide will help get it done! My marketing services are proven and time-tested.
You will likely have additional questions as you move forward, so I have provided information about the process that you might find useful. Remember, I am only a call, email, or text away, if you have a specific question. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Cut The Clutter

Remove magnets, pictures, souvenirs from the refrigerator. Use the general two-thirds rule: remove 2/3 of everything on any flat surface in your home. Since you are already planning to move, this is a great time to donate unused items, get rid of things you don’t need or want, and start packing for your new home. Store boxes in a rented storage unit rather than in your garage.

Take Time To Do A Deep Cleaning Of Every Part Of Your Home

If you can afford to use a cleaning service, you will find that outsourcing this cumbersome task will free you to take care of other aspects of your move.

Pay Attention To Detail

Don’t forget to clean baseboards, tops of doors and doorframes, as well as your carpet, hard floor coverings, and grout.

Clean And Polish Woodwork And Cabinetry

This is especially important in the kitchen where most buyers plan to spend the most time.

Clean Light Fixtures And Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

Consider changing to brighter bulbs if the fixture is rated for higher wattage than your current bulbs. Dead bugs and cobwebs detract from the appeal of the home and often indicate neglect to buyers.

Thoroughly Clean All Windows, Windowsills, And Screens

For the best impression, both the outside and inside should be cleaned regularly during the time your home is on the market

While You May Have Great Taste, And Love Your Unusual Color Schemes

Most buyers prefer to see your home as something of an empty canvas that they can customize to their own liking. It is very difficult for most people to see “past the paint”, so make it as easy as possible for them to fall in love with your home.

Fill Nail Holes And Repaint Walls That Are In Less Than Stellar Condition

Buyers want everything “move in ready”, so the more you do to assist the process, at least in their perception, the easier it will be to sell your home.

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