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Brett Fischer is a class act. He is a hard worker who always puts his clients first. I’ve enjoyed working with Brett and would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member! I wasn't sure what to expect at first being that he was a referral of a friend. I was really happy with the experience and Brett was super helpful in the entire process. I strongly recommend working with Brett if you want to have a seamless process.
Alex S
New York, NY.
There are obviously many real estate agents and agencies to choose from. Whoever does not choose Brett Ari Fischer to locate the highest quality residence is doing themselves a disservice of biblical proportions.
Marco H.
Brett Ari Fischer is the perfect personification of professionalism, attentiveness, and kindness. Brett is a complete pleasure to work with and he should be the role model for all other real estate professionals. Profile picture for Brett Ari Fischer.
Helped me and my three kids find perfect apartment in great location. I was picky but Brett didn’t give up on us. Pleasantly surprised he found something great within my budget.
Laurance S.
New York, NY.
My family was very pleased with Brett’s knowledge of the area, city, and schools. He knows everyone in the right places. A real pleasure to do business with. We would highly recommend him..
New York, NY.
After many months of searching for a suitable apartment to rent, I was fortunate to have met Brett Ari Fischer. Other agents kept attempting to show me apartments that weren’t of interest, despite my described preferences. Mr. Fischer was the only agent who valued my time and only took me to available apartments that fit my description. Thanks to him I now live in my desired comfortable and quiet flat. I couldn't be happier.
I was extremely excited to move into my new marvelous apartment that Brett Ari Fischer took me to visit while searching for a new residence. Brett is a great real estate agent and a fabulous person. After moving into my new home, he remained in touch to make sure that the transition went smoothly. In fact, I had voiced to him that I didn't understand a few of the buttons on the high tech stove in the brand new kitchen. Without any hesitation, he offered to come over to teach me how to use each of the appliances. After making sure that I was well versed in all of the new technologies associated with the apartment, he helped me hang a portrait of my grandfather's stallion in my livingroom. I cannot thank him enough for his kindess and generosity.
Moving from Vermont to NYC was not easy. at least i was lucky and fortunate enough to land a great realtor! I found Brett to be very professional and personable. He had an excellent knowledge of the surrounding areas, which helped me to decide which neiborhood was right for me. He was also very useful in negotiations. I got a great deal on a brand new apartment. kudos!
Moving from Vermont to NYC was not easy. at least i was lucky and fortunate enough to land a great realtor! I found Brett to be very professional and personable. He had an excellent knowledge of the surrounding areas, which helped me to decide which neiborhood was right for me. He was also very useful in negotiations. I got a great deal on a brand new apartment. kudos!
Manhattan, New York, NY 10036.
After having dealt with many ‘poor’ real estate brokers in the past, Brett takes his dealings with a customer to a level that simply made my wife and I extremely happy. First, Brett’s communication was fantastic. He was always responsive with any question my wife or I had. My wife can often ask many questions, and Brett was timely in answering every question. Second, Brett's personality was a huge part of working with him. He was extremely personable. You could tell Brett listens very well to his customers' needs and wants. He was not pushy. Lastly, Brett was honest. He consistently set our expectations of what we would likely be able to purchase within various neighborhoods of NYC given our price range. Thank you Brett in helping us find a great home!
New York, NY.
I am proud to recommend Brett Ari Fischer without any reservations as the foremost real estate broker in New York City. He listed my home and got many offers above market value quickly.
New York, NY.
I highly recommend Brett. I recently moved to New York from Atlanta with my girlfriend and two cats. We first contacted Brett around November prior to making our move in January to get a better understanding on what options would be in New York City. Brett responded to my email within an hour and the same day I received a call from him. He took the time to explain to me anything and everything. I arrived to New York in January and within 24 hours received a call from him welcoming us to the city. We met on a Friday to look at apartments; Brett had all of the apartments lined up perfectly. He was honest and completely up front about all fees. Within a few hours we had seen over 10 apartments. Brett took the time to show us apartments within our price range , bottom and top. I really appreciated this as it showed me what I could get within my budget and where the extra money was going. We now look forward to moving into our new New York apartment!
Thomas Cahuzac
New York, NY.
Brett sold my house last year in 2013. It must be said that I could not have been any more impressed with his professionalism and market knowledge. In the highest possible terms, I strongly recommend Brett to anyone looking to sell or buy. The man is a champion!
New York, NY.
Brett sold my house last year in 2013. It must be said that I could not have been any more impressed with his professionalism and market knowledge. In the highest possible terms, I strongly recommend Brett to anyone looking to sell or buy. The man is a champion!
Manhattan, New York, NY 10023.
Brett Ari Fischer found the perfect spacious apartment for me and my husband to raise our one year old child along with our friendly dog, Skippy. We cannot be grateful enough for him assisting us set up a home for our family in this modern two bedroom apartment within one of Manhattan's most luxurious buildings. What is truly remarkable is that he located this amazing residence after only an introductory phone conversation. Mr. Fischer understands his clients' needs and how to navigate the logistics of the real estate business. Before contacting Mr. Fischer, we were afraid of entering the arduous process of finding a suitable manhattan apartment. He made this process extremely quick and enjoyable.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10028.
We very strongly recommend Brett Ari. We were referred to him by a friend. We were looking to purchase a property and at the last second everything fell through. Because of this, we only had 11 days to find a new apartment and were very pressed for time as it was. Brett Ari saved us lots of headache and trouble and knew exactly what we wanted. We told him we wanted a 2 bed with luxury finishes and great light. Not even 5 minutes after, Brett Ari put together a list of 7 places for us to see. We put an application in right away. Thanks for helping us through a difficult time!
New York, NY
Where do I begin? Brett really helped me out a lot. We saw over 15 apartments in just one day and I put an application in that first day. He even negotiated the price for me after everything and I didn't have to pay a fee where other brokers were trying to charge almost two months worth! I'm glad I found him. I'm very lucky.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038
My roommate and I had no clue where to begin in looking for a rental in NYC. Brett was recommended to us by a close friend. After hearing horror stories about working with brokers in the city, we were skeptical about going that route. But from day one we could tell that Brett truly cares about his clients and only wants the best for them. He was very helpful and attentive throughout the whole process. I highly recommend considering working with Brett for any real estate needs in NY and promise you won't be disappointed.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
Brett far exceeded all expectations from start to finish as I found a new home in the financial district. What impressed me more than anything else was his attention to detail, follow up and dedication to client service. He took the time to understand my needs in a new home and was conscious of the importance of my time in showing the most relevant options. Once I chose a place to submit an application, he stayed with me every step of the way and was completely accessible via phone, text and in person to make sure my questions were answered and concerns were addressed. I was so pleased with the service I received from Brett that when we had dinner to celebrate my new home, I gave him a thank you card with some cash to show my genuine appreciation. I couldn't believe it when I got a knock on my door later that evening and it was Brett handing me the money back. He said he was flattered by the thought, but wouldn't accept the gift. He was glad to help and seeing my excitement and satisfaction was the best "thank you". Brett is a dedicated, ethical and service driven real estate professional. I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to utilize Brett's services to find a new home.
New York, NY
Brett is fantastic – he’s personable, always responds immediately, and remains available for help and advice long after you rent an apartment. I would highly recommend him to anyone - plus he's a great person - so you know he's trustworthy.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
Brett was tremendously helpful and a true lifesaver. I moved to NYC two years ago, and I decided to look for an apartment for my girlfriend and me on my own. I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated by the process. Fortunately, a close friend who had also used Brett's services connected me with him, and it was smooth sailing from there. Brett only showed us places in our price range and mostly in the neighborhoods we were interested in living in. Throughout the whole process, he made us feel comfortable and did not pressure us (a real problem with other brokers). When we found the 1 BR apartment we wanted, in the neighborhood we wanted (East Village), at the price we wanted, Brett went to work IMMEDIATELY to make sure we secured it. We have lived in that apartment two years and absolutely love it. In addition, my girlfriend and I recently decided that we will be moving to Brazil 6 months into our lease renewal. We contacted Brett, and as a favor, he guided through how we should approach our leasing company. We were able to negotiate a 60-day notice (i.e. exactly what we wanted), which was HUGE for us. I highly recommend Brett to all my friends looking for a broker.
New York, NY
I’ve dealt with my fair share of agents and brokers over the past couple years and wouldn’t consider myself an easy client to work with. That said, Brett was probably the most helpful and knowledgeable agent that I've had the pleasure of working with. He listened carefully to what my wife and I wanted and did the research to find us a place that we would love, and that was in our price range. He even negotiated with the listing agent to get the price down farther. When it's all said and done, I would highly recommend using him.
Tom Walsh
Manhattan, New York, NY 10029.
When I first got in contact with him he was very friendly and just wanted to help me find something that worked well for me which included, price and location. After talking with him about where exactly I would be looking and the price range, we started to narrow down the areas and started to show me some great places that fit exactly what i was looking for. As i was introduced to more places, things started to stick out that i liked and did not like and he responded quickly and efficiently to find a place that had the things i wanted and more. Finally we found a place that was perfect, the price was incredible, and the location was a 20 min commute to work. It was perfect for what I needed and Brett was helpful and responsive throughout the process. I couldn't be happier with what we found.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
Brett helped me find both find a great apartment to rent, as well as roommates for the new property. He was very honest and forthcoming about the market, he didn’t pressure any of us, but was extremely up front with us about expectations. While I have had bad experiences with brokers in the past and have been duped and "sold," everything Brett told us was exactly as things are, and all three of us are extremely pleased with how things have turned out. I would 100% recommend Brett Fisher to anyone looking for a property in NYC.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
I had the pleasure of working alongside Brett in his early years as an agent and I immediately found myself going to him for advice, suggestions, and general help with clients of my own. Brett would always take the time out of his day to assist me in my endeavors while staying on top of his own. Since then I have gotten out of Real Estate and went back to him when I was looking for an apartment. I was a little worried that knowing him personally would be a problem, but Brett handled everything professionally and without bias.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
During my time with him, Brett Fischer treated me like his only client. He was willing to do whatever it took to get me my ideal place, and eventually, he did. Brett and I exchanged numerous texts, e-mails and phone calls, and he was always available when I tried to reach him. He was extremely knowledgeable about the apartment building I moved into downtown, as well as the surrounding area. I would recommend Brett to anyone looking to move into New York City .
New York, NY
I was extremely fortunate to have found Brett to assist with finding a 2 bedroom, 2 bath rental apartment in Manhattan. I was very impressed with how well Brett understood my needs and maximized my time locating great apartments. Brett added significant value through his market and neighborhood knowledge and was instrumental helping find a home I love within my budget. I truly felt at all times that Brett had my best interests at heart and always encouraged me to take my time and settle on only what I felt strongly about. I cannot recommend Brett highly enough.
New York, NY
I contacted a few agents and worked with Brett initially. Then a few brokers showed me some of their exclusives, but outside of that didn’t help me at all. I called Brett after and realized he knew what he was doing.I didn't need to call anyone else because a few days later, Brett got me my apartment. In general, I would recommend speaking to various brokers to get an idea of who should represent you. In this case, just have Brett show you places. It saves a lot of time.
Brett helped me rent my apartment just north of the Columbia University campus. He was very attentive to my needs and found a living situation that was very ideal given my budget and close proximity to transportation. I work in midtown but wanted to come home to a quiet neighborhood and Brett's knowledge of the New York Real Estate Market was a welcome change compared to the other real estate agents that I had been dealing with. I would certainly recommend Brett as your NYC real estate agent!
Steven Y.
Brett helped me find the perfect apartment! If you’re looking for the best broker in the NYC you should absolutly contact him! He assisted me from the beginning of the process of getting me preappved for a mortgage through introducing me to the best lenders, informed me about the process of purchasing an apartment and kept me calm during the biggest purchase of my life. I felt well informed everyday from the day I met him until closing. He negotiated the price down more than I thought was possible and the entire process was seamless! Thank you Brett! Your hard work and diligence got me the apt of my dreams!
New York, NY.
I was initially timid to enter the searching process for an apartment in Manhattan before moving from the rural Midwest. Brett Ari Fischer not only found the most outstanding and luxurious apartment for me to live in at a great unbeatable price that is super convenient for my commute to work, he also did an excellent job at explaining the subway system to me. I would be lost without him. Brett cares about his clients!
New York, NY.
I am an attorney in New York City. When it came time to locate a proper condominium to live in, Brett Ari Fischer was the best! He lined up the most superior listings making the process super simple for me while I work full time. He knows NYC real estate better than NYC itself.
New York, NY.
My wife and I cannot speak more highly of Brett Ari Fischer. He actually makes searching for an apartment in New York City – which as many people know can be a hellish task – interesting and fun. Brett is smart, funny, personable, knowledgeable and insightful. He will tell you his honest take on a property - whether it is overpriced, what's good and bad about it - but, more importantly, he will listen to what YOU want. After seeing many apartments in Manhattan with Brett, my wife and I ended up buying an apartment in Brooklyn that was a no-broker deal. Rather than express disappointment in this, Brett congratulated us for finding what we wanted. He's the only broker we met who honestly seemed to have our best interests at heart. We highly recommend him.
New York, NY.
I was extraordinarily impressed with Brett Ari Fischer’s work ethic and professionalism. Even after I made up my mind of which apartment I wanted to rent, he still forwarded potential listings that in theory could have piqued my interest until my lease was signed. He was extremely easy to get in touch with seemingly at all times. I highly recommend Brett's services.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10023.
Brett did a great job finding an apartment for my buddy and I right after graduation. We didn’t have any experience with real estate in NYC but Brett was diligent in finding us a great place that fit our needs within narrow time constraints. He gave us a great variety of apartments to look at and helped us narrow the search down until were able to find the perfect fit. Additionally after finding our apartment, Brett was able to use his experience and networking channels to find us another roommate after our third one bailed last minute. We were nervous we were going to lose the apartment, but he found someone very quickly that ended up being a great fit. I highly recommend Brett. He is passionate about his work and will put great effort in finding you a place you really like.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10023.
I have never had a good experience dealing with nyc real estate brokers. Always high pressure, high stress and you never feel like the broker is working for anything else than his own best interests…. UNTIL BRETT!! I have used Brett for a few years now to help my locate apartments. The first few times I didnt find what i was looking for (price range area etc) But Brett did an amazing job of staying in touch and updating me when apartment became available that I would be interested in. Sure enough a few months ago I signed a lease through him and the process was QUICK EASY and TRANSPARENT. No games no pressure. If he cant help you he will be HONEST and not waste your time....I HIGHLY RECOMEND Brett.
Nino Di Maggio
New York, NY
It’s funny because I met Brett at one of his client’s lease signings when I first saw an apartment. We spoke briefly but he said he didn’t want to be disrespectful to the building management by giving me his card. We ended up running into each other the next week near the subway and he remembered who I was. He was courteous and knew the buildings extremely well. I ended up signing something with him a few weeks later. Great guy, glad we met!
New York, NY
Brett helped me find a beautiful apartment in Murray Hill. We looked for a few weeks, then I went out of town for a week. I told Brett when I was returning and the day I came back, he called me up and had several more places to view the following days. I'm very lucky I contacted him about an apartment. He did a wonderful job and I got a great deal on the apartment! He was very friendly and knew what he was doing the entire time.
New York, NY
Brett was very helpful from the beginning and responded within minutes of contacting him. He showed me all over Manhattan and took pictures of different properties for me and got all the layouts I read his reviews and that's the reason why I contacted him initially. He lived up to the hype and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or rent an apartment. He's sweet, but is on top of everything. In a year, if I move, I will definitely use him again!
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038
My roommate and I were in the process of searching for a place to rent when we got in touch with Brett. From the moment we first met with him, we could tell our interactions with him would be different than other brokers we'd stumble upon. The most notable and appreciated difference was sincerity--at no point did it seem like Brett was trying to sell us on a place. Instead, it felt as though he wanted to genuinely hear what we wanted and were looking for, so that he could find and suggest places that matched those needs. In the most professional and friendly ways, Brett was able to work with us and our goals and help us explore neighborhoods that my roommate and I hadn't even considered, simply because he could hear what we really wanted and was knowledgeable of the city to make that happen. The result is that we've just moved into our very first apartment and we love it. It's in a part of the city we like, and the unit is fantastic--we really couldn't be happier. And throughout the entire process, Brett made it clear that if any hesitations did arise, he would do everything he can to help us--even if it meant searching more. That attitude was greatly appreciated. This would be an appropriate time to end the story of our experience with Brett, but it would actually do him an injustice! Even after we signed the lease and moved in, Brett welcomed us to the neighborhood and continued to check in with us to see how we're doing. If you're looking for someone to help find a place, I cannot recommend Brett enough.
New York, NY
Brett is very professional, polite and someone you can trust. I will be happy to recommend him, again and again. His service and approach in simplifying the apartment search process is great. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Brett you will find that he is wonderful and he makes the apartment search efficient and successful!
Jasna Sulejmanagic
New York, NY
I first met Brett when I was moving to NY from Connecticut. Moving to the City was a big deal for me, and I must say, rather intimidating, but Brett made it so easy. I felt like he really understood me, the city, and knew what I was looking for. After narrowing down my neighborhoods, he hardly had to show me a few places before I found exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Brett and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10005.
Brett really put his all into finding my apartment for me. When I started off looking for my apartment I was already frustrated. One realtor decided to play games and from his car determine if I fit the mold of someone who could afford what he was selling. Then when he called the next day didn’t apologize or ask if I was still interested. My other realtor, even after I signed the paperwork, took off for the weekend and didn’t put in my application leaving me to come dangerously close to being without an apartment when my lease was up. He wanted me to take the apartment he would make a commission on rather than the one the management was paying the fee. Both realtors were from respected agencies in NYC. Brett got to know me and what I wanted. He made me immediately aware when an opportunity I couldn’t miss came up. He got the management to hold the apartment specifically for me pending my paperwork (imagine a gentlemen’s agreement in this time and day) and that speaks volumes. It says his character inspires trust, respect and conviction. Put simply, he went to bat for me in every way. If you need a real estate agent, Brett Ari will make a process that can be painstaking, very easy.
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852.
Brett helped me when I was looking to move from Long Island into my first apartment in NYC this past February. Since the entire NYC apartment-hunting process was very new to me, I was relieved to be working with someone like Brett who was happy to answer all of my questions, patient enough to walk me through how everything works, and available to chat on the phone, over e-mail, or via text. Brett knows NYC very well, is extremely flexible, and is passionate about what he does. I am happy to say I moved into a beautiful apartment in the Financial District and would not have been able to complete this entire process without the expertise and assistance that Brett provided.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
When you take a girl who’s only known the Midwest and plop her in the bustling NYC financial district, she may have a freak out or five. Aside from having a distinct knowledge of the city, Brett was also surprisingly responsive to my moments of panic about this enormous move I was about to make. He was available pretty much 24/7 for me in the 2 month process starting from the first showing of the apartment up through the day I moved in. Any time I had questions...even the smallest, most ridiculous things I could think of in my moments of panic, he was there with a professional and kind attitude. I didn't expect a broker to be there pretty much every step of the way, but Brett was...even through the major panic attacks where I questioned my choice to uproot my entire life. He went above and beyond the typical call of duty as my broker, much appreciated.
New York, NY
Brett was an excellent broker. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I was looking for a place in the financial district and he was familiar with all the buildings in the area. He always responded to me in a timely fashion and was very patient while I took my time deciding on the right place for me. He was respectful of my time and never tried to mislead me in any way. The whole experience of finding an apartment went smoothly and I found exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend him.
Sean Walsh
Manhattan, New York, NY 10038.
Brett was amazing. I knew when I saw the right apt. i’d know and I knew I wanted to stay in Manhattan but I didn’t know much more than that. Brett was tireless in his efforts. As he learned more and more what I was looking for and responded to he narrowed the search. I don't think there was a neighborhood we didn't try. He was never impatient . I found the perfect apt. And it never would have happened without Brett. I always felt he was finding the perfect place for me and not rushing me so he could get to the next client. You could not do better than Brett. Great at his job and a decent human being to boot.
Manhattan, New York, NY 10036.
Being a New York City resident for many years, I’ve had a lot of experience with brokers…….. more bad experiences than good ones, unfortunately. I am so happy that I happened to find Mr. Fischer, because lately I've had the absolute WORST experiences and was ready to give up. Not only did Mr. Fischer find me a great apartment, but he made the process very easy. I've worked with so many brokers that take forever to respond to calls, can't (or won't) answer your questions, and just seem flat out untrustworthy. Mr. Fischer responded immediately to my calls and questions, seemed to have a real understanding of what was important to me, was genuinely honest and an all around pleasure to work with- and best of all, he got me a great deal on a great apartment!
Helen Rosenbaum
New York, NY

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Mantus Real Estate 1211 6th Ave 29th Floor NY, NY 10036

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Brett Ari Fischer

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