What Is An Alteration Agreement?

The alteration agreement specifies all the rules and regulations regarding alterations in any apartment in the building and has to be signed before alterations are made.

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How Much Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs can range between 2-4% of the property price for buyers and 8-10% for sellers because they have to pay the brokers’ commission.

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Co-Op Financial Requirements in NYC

Co-op financial requirements in NYC are stricter than the requirements for buying a condo and you might need to save much more than the usual 20% for down payment, to meet the financial requirement for a co-op board.

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Real estate investing

The Basics Of Real Estate Investing

Humanity has known the importance of land and real estate since the agricultural revolution, and it has

What Is A CAP Rate

Cap rate is the ratio of an income-producing property’s Net Operating Income and market value, which gives a simplistic idea of the property’s return potential.


Park Slope

There’s more to Park Slope than just its proximity and connection to Prospect Parks. It has a rich history and offers a beautiful blend of old brownstone architecture and greenery.

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What is New Development?

New development is usually a newly constructed or heavily renovated structure that is for sale directly by the developer responsible for the construction/renovation.

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