15 Largest Parks In NYC

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1. Pelham Bay Park

Borough: Bronx

Area: 2,765 acres

The largest park in the city is almost three times larger than the more well-known Central Park in Manhattan. It’s named after the Manor of Pelham, a village established during British rule. Pelham Bay Park was established in 1888. It has two golf courses, dedicated sports areas/courts for football, tennis, handball, etc. There are several dog-friendly areas in the park, and it is beloved for its beach area access by many of its visitors.

2. Greenbelt

Borough: Staten Island

Area: 1,778 acres

If we take the entire Greenbelt area into account (3,000 acres), it would be the most expansive park space in New York. It offers a range of attractions to its visitors, including a beautiful nature center, a High Rock Environmental Center that offers activities hiking and camping, a wildlife refuge, and the La Tourette and Willowbrook Parks.

3. Van Cortlandt Park

Borough: Bronx

Area: 1,146 acres

The name comes from Van Cortlandt, a Dutch who bought the land, including the park area, in 1694. The park offers stunning views, especially in autumn when the leaves have turned. It has several spaces dedicated to sports activities, multiple playgrounds, and dog-friendly areas. There are also kayak launching sites, and you can also go fishing if you have a license.

4. Flushing Meadows/Corona Park

Borough: Queens

Area: 898 acres

The highlight of this park is the Unisphere – the largest globe in the world, measuring about 140 feet in height and 120 feet in diameter. There are other notable structures in this park as well, like the Freedom of the Human Spirit and Rocket Thrower sculptures. These structures make the world fair site within the park a major attraction. The park also has an ice skating rink and a science museum.

5. Central Park

Borough: Manhattan

Area: 843 acres

Central Park is easily the most well-known park in the city and is visited by about 42 million people each year. It’s the most visited public park in the US and one of the most visited parks in the world. It offers a wide range of activities, including bike tours, horse and carriage tours, the central park zoo, or attending an event taking place in the park.

6. Marine Park

Borough: Brooklyn

Area: 798 acres

A significant portion of the marine park consists of a salt marsh, and more than half the park’s area is a forever wild preserve where hundreds of protected species thrive. The park offers various facilities like skate parks, dedicated sports areas, and dog-friendly areas.

7. Bronx Park

Borough: Bronx

Area: 718 acres

The Bronx Park is the third largest park in the borough. It has a 2-mile stretch of Bronx River running through it, blending beautiful waterfront with greenery. Apart from many of the facilities typical in large NYC parks, it’s also home to the 265-acre, 124-year-old Bronx Zoo that houses 10,000 animals and 700 unique species. There is also the New York Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the US.

8. Alley Pond Park

Borough: Queens

Area: 636 acres

The second-largest park in Queens is home to several unique natural features, as well as the oldest tree in the city – a 350-years old Tulip Tree called the Alley Pond Park Giant. There is also an Alley Pond Park Adventure Course, which is one of the largest in the metropolitan area.

9. Forest Park

Borough: Queens

Area: 544 acres

The Forest Park has a unique terrain dotted with small hills and a 165-acre protected oak forest. It’s also home to George Seuffert, Sr. Bandshell, a 3,200-seat arena for music performances that are often free to attend. There is also a carousel, dog run, playgrounds, and a glacial kettle pond called Strack.

10. Prospect Park

Borough: Brooklyn

Area: 526.25 acres

Prospect Park is a cherished Brooklyn attraction for a number of reasons, including a 12-acre zoo that contains 846 animals, an Audubon Center (dedicated to the conservation of birds), a 53-horse carousel, an ice-skating rink, and Lefferts Historic House. The park offers a number of activities like sports, fishing, yoga, etc.

11. Ferry Point Park

Borough: Bronx

Area: 413 acres

Ferry Point Park offers beautiful waterfronts, and its sports facilities are the most actively used parts of the park. It has basketball courts, football fields, soccer fields, and two cricket fields.

12. Cunningham Park

Borough: Queens

Area: 358 acres

Cunningham Park in Queens is named after W. Arthur Cunningham, a Comptroller of NYC (chief financial officer/auditor of the city’s agencies). The park has picnic areas with tables and stocked BBQ grills, as well as multiple baseball fields. It’s a great place to hang out and is well-maintained.

13. Wolfe's Pond Park

Borough: Staten Island

Area: 302 acres

It’s a beautiful beach-front park that offers several activities, including a roller hockey field. While it has tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas, its beach sites/beaches are the primary attraction for most people.

14. Conference House Park

Borough: Staten Island

Area: 286 acres

The park is named after a 1680 stone house where a peace conference was held between the US and British forces during the War of independence. It offers gorgeous trails along the beach and through beautiful fauna, making it an attractive destination even for people that are not interested in its history.

15. Randall's Island Park

Borough: Manhattan

Area: 254.3 acres

Randall’s Island Park is unique as it occupies the bulk of an actual island in the East River. It has a playground, multiple gardens, and a large urban farm that grows over 200 types of fruits and vegetables. Many of the events and activities in the park are centered around ecological awareness and education.

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