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Brooklyn Heights – Neighborhood Series

There are few neighborhoods in the city where history comes alive as well as it does in Brooklyn Heights – America’s first suburb, the first historic district in the city, and the birthplace of Brooklyn. Tree-lined streets, expensive brownstone homes, quiet serenity, churches, and private schools are just a few characteristics of this marvelous neighborhood. […]

Riverdale – Neighborhood Series

Riverdale is a perfect blend of urban and suburban as well as a unique mixture of different cultures, offering a characteristic quiet and laid-back aura.  Geography On one side, Riverdale is bordered by the Hudson River. Its “land borders” meet with Yonkers, Fieldston, and Kingsbridge (on the same side), and Spuyten Duyvil or Harlem River […]


Park Slope – Neighborhood Series

Park Slope – One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Brooklyn is known for its dynamic culture and diversity. If you start from the east end of the neighborhood (top of the slope) and go downward, you will see a gradual change from old brownstones ornate with limestone carvings and gorgeous ironworks to relatively simpler […]

Financial District – Neighborhood Series

Financial District – The “one” neighborhood that encapsulates the corporate aura associated with NYC, the global financial center. It’s a unique blend of historic landmarks and iconic skyscrapers, buildings that shaped (and are still shaping) the global financial landscape.  Geography Financial District covers most of the lowermost tip of Manhattan Island. It was the tip […]

Upper West Side – Neighborhood Series

The Upper West Side – A neighborhood with humble roots, humbler residents, a lively vibe, and amazing attractions. It has always been welcoming and accepting of all kinds of people, and this intrinsic hospitality permeates the “aura” of the neighborhood.   Geography The Upper West Side, a Manhattan borough, is “sandwiched” between Central Park (from the […]

SoHo – Neighborhood Series

The first settlement for freed slaves in Manhattan, the cast-iron center of the country, an affordable artistic haven, and now, one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the borough, SoHo has transformed several times during the last few centuries and has retained its historical flavors.   Geography SoHo is bounded by 6th Avenue on the west, West […]

Roosevelt Island – Neighborhood Series

Roosevelt Island – A quiet and picturesque neighborhood with a fascinating history, it offers a unique combination of new development and preserved history.  Geography As a 147-acre island, Roosevelt Island’s four boundaries are water: East River on all sides. On the west are Manhattan neighborhoods of Upper East Side, Lenox Hill, and Midtown East; while […]

Midtown West – Neighborhood Series

Midtown West – A neighborhood that’s evolving beyond the roots of its original name: Hell’s Kitchen and succeeding spectacularly. Midtown West is now home to a diverse population and beautiful architecture.  Geography The boundaries of Midtown West or Hell’s Kitchen (including the Theater District) may vary depending on the sources. But traditionally it is known […]

Midtown East – Neighborhood Series

Midtown East is a testament to Manhattan’s characteristic architectural might. The upscale vibe associated with structures like the Chrysler Building hasn’t dulled much over the last several decades.  Geography Midtown East can refer to multiple neighborhoods on the eastern side of Midtown Manhattan. However, as a separate neighborhood, Midtown East has well-defined quadrilateral boundaries, just […]

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