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What Is A Condop?

A condop is a co-op building with both commercial units (usually on the ground floor) and residential units, each governed by separate boards, unlike a typical co-op building that only has one board looking over the whole building. A condop basically consists of two condos – One consisting of all the commercial space, while the […]

What Are Inspections?

An inspection or a home inspection is a detailed examination of a property by a licensed professional that checks a property’s structure, condition, appliances, and heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems to see if there are any problems. These inspections are quite common before buying a property.  They are more common in single-family homes than […]

What Is A Condo Questionnaire?

A condo questionnaire is a comprehensive form/questionnaire about a condominium building. When you are buying a condo with a mortgage, your lender will send this condo questionnaire to the sponsor (if they are still managing the building) or the condominium manager to fill. It includes questions about: Basic information about the condominium, including whether it’s […]