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What Is A Condop?

Condops are co-ops with commercial properties in which residential units are combined in a co-op while commercial units retain the freedom of condos.

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What Is A Mortgage Recording Tax?

Property buyers in NYC need to pay a Mortgage Recording Tax when taking out a mortgage to buy a property or refinance an existing property.

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What Are Inspections?

An inspection is an assessment of the property’s condition done by a licensed professional in which they aim to identify any problems with the property.

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What Is An Estate Sale?

Estate sale refers to the real estate that is being sold by the heirs or a trust (or the state) after the passing of the owner of the property.

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What Is A Condo Questionnaire?

A condo questionnaire is a document used by mortgage lenders to assess condominium buildings a prospective borrower is trying to buy a condo in.

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How Much Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs can range between 2-4% of the property price for buyers and 8-10% for sellers because they have to pay the brokers’ commission.

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