17 Best Coffee Shops In Brooklyn

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  1. Gorilla Coffee (472 Bergen St): Gorilla Coffee near Barclays Center is a beautiful, snug spot known for great customer service, conversations, and amazing espressos. Their lattes are coveted as well, especially the lavender latte. Good music and dog treats are also valid reasons to visit this coffee joint.


  1. Devoción (69 Grand St): If you love to mix class with comfort and great taste, Devoción is the perfect premium coffee spot for you in Brooklyn. They pride themselves in the freshness of the coffee, and the standing claim is that the beans are roasted within 10 days of being sourced (from Colombia). The ambiance is awesome, with natural light, comfortable sofas, brick walls, and a gorgeous green wall – beautiful and raw. The coffee menu is just as rich as the taste, and Cascara is a favorite of the patrons. The price is a bit on the higher side but quite justified.


  1. Hamlet Coffee Shop (465 Rogers Ave #1): Hamlet is the ideal place for a coffee lover that doesn’t like stuffy spaces. The minimalist decor, adequate open space, and a lot of natural light make it a great place to have your morning coffee. The espresso is good, the Matcha latte is amazing, and prices are quite reasonable, making it a good spot for savvy spenders. The baked goods are the icing on the cake (pun intended) – tasty and fresh.  


  1. Qahwah House (162 Bedford Ave): The word “Qahwah” is where the term coffee actually originated from, and it’s a great place to visit if you are interested in the coffee’s history. They specialize in Yemeni-style coffee, made from beans sourced from this Middle Eastern country. The vibe might be slightly different from other coffee places, but it is still good – hospitable with a subtle smell of spices. Pastries are a highlight in this coffee place as well.


  1. Poetica Coffee (240 Prospect Park West): The spot is just as beautiful as the name makes it sound. It’s a small, quaint joint filled with potted plants and a few stone walls that give it a solid look. The espresso is amazing, and the Matcha latte is a local favorite. The soft music compliments the beautiful ambiance, and the croissants make the perfect combinations with Poetica coffee.


  1. Nostrand Coffee Roaster (261 Nostrand Ave): This little coffee place bearing the name and community spirit of the area offers a relatively unique combination – coffee and Korean food. The coffee is delicious, and the atmosphere is quite cozy. The breakfast menu is rich, and items (especially Kimchi-based) and prices are considered reasonable by most patrons.


  1. Caffè De Martini (609 Vanderbilt Ave): Even though it’s not for the purists, this Italian cafe serves some of the best coffees in Brooklyn. Only pastries outshine the coffee in this cafe, and you can combine the two for maximum impact. Italian culture permeates every aspect of this beautiful spot, the atmosphere is friendly, and the service is good. Most items have a reasonable price tag.


  1. BROOKLYN PERK Coffee (605 Flatbush Ave): Brooklyn Perk Coffee near Prospect Park offers a great atmosphere, a variety of brews and beverages, and a great outdoor space. The service is good, but you have to wait a bit before you are served. Pastries, including vegan options, are quite tasty.


  1. Bushwick Grind Cafe (63 Whipple St): Bushwick Grind is a great place to visit before the day’s grind (or after it). It has a minimalist design and inviting aura, and the prices are quite attractive. There are multiple roast options, and the breakfast and lunch options are generous, including sandwiches, pastries, croissants, etc.


  1. SEY Coffee (18 Grattan St): It’s a Brooklyn-native coffee shop that offers an assortment of great, high-quality coffee drinks. It’s spacious and sparsely decorated with potted plants. The atmosphere is laid back, and the coffee menu is quite generous. As a contemporary micro-roastery, it also has its own range of seasonal coffees that you can subscribe to.


  1. The Daily Press, Coffee House and Bar (38 Somers St): The Daily Press in Bed-Stuy is a spacious and minimally decorated space that offers homely vibes. The staff is friendly, the service is good, and the place is (mostly) clean. It has adequate space, so it doesn’t feel crowded even with a lot of people. The WiFi is good, so patrons working on their laptops are a common sight.


  1. Ciao, Gloria (550 Vanderbilt Ave): Ciao, Gloria is a nice little place near Atlantic Ave, equally beloved for its great atmosphere, coffee, and baked goods. The pastries are highly coveted. It’s also a great place to eat and a favorite lunch spot for people living or working in the area.


  1. Shop (232 Metropolitan Ave): Shop is a tiny coffee shop (just like its name) that offers an excellent Australian/New Zealand coffee experience and tasty, fresh food to its patrons. The menu is adequately extensive, with several coffees, food, and smoothie options. The Avocado Toast steals the limelight from coffee and is considered one of the best in Brooklyn.


  1. Dweebs (1434 DeKalb Ave): It’s a cheerful little coffee place (ironic, considering its name) in Bushwick and a great place to get coffee. Most people prefer to drink coffee on their porch space. The brick exterior and interior make the place seem quite solid and fit well with the minimalist design. The coffee is great, and the breakfast burrito ranges between passable and good.


  1. Variety Coffee Roasters (146 Wyckoff Ave): Variety Coffee Roasters have three spots in Brooklyn, all offering a good atmosphere and great coffee. Their pastries are quite famous as well. The coffee chain is proud of its seasonal menu changes and presenting its patrons with whatever is in season and fresh at any given time.


  1. Hungry Ghost (781 Fulton St): With eight locations in Brooklyn, Hungry Ghost is virtually a “staple” in the borough. They use Stumptown Coffee, and the drinks are always on point. The atmosphere is great, and the price is quite reasonable. Pastries, especially in some spots, are great, and others offer a good selection of sandwiches and King David’s Tacos.


  1. Cup of Joe Coffee Company (7407 5th Ave): It’s a boutique coffee shop with a rustic vibe, a good atmosphere, and amazing baristas. The prices are quite fair, and for bakery items, they have a wide variety of local favorites. The coffee is simply exquisite.

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