18 Best Steakhouses In NYC

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Best Steakhouses In Manhattan

  1. Keens Steakhouse (72 W 36th St): Keens is a USDA-Prime-only steakhouse that has been around since 1885. It was named after Albert Keen, the first proprietor who opened the chophouse in the Herald Square Theatre and grew it into a famous and beloved location for local artists and other members of the theater community. The history of the steakhouse is integrated into the ambiance, and one example of it is the churchwarden pipes. The steakhouse has the largest collection of these pipes in the world.
  2. Gallaghers Steakhouse (228 W 52nd St): Gallaghers is also among the oldest and most prestigious steakhouses in Manhattan. It opened in 1927 as a speakeasy, and in 1933, it was turned into Broadway’s first steakhouse. They still cling to their traditional environment and practices and recommend a dress code for their patrons. They use USDA prime cuts that are aged at least 21 days before being cooked. Apart from their steaks, they are famous for their creamed spinach.
  3. COTE Korean Steakhouse (16 W 22nd St): The COTE is a fusion of a classic steakhouse and a Korean Barbeque place. The tables have smokeless grills where a variety of aged cuts are grilled to perfection. They offer a wide range of meats, including A5 Kobe Prefecture – Ribeye, which costs about $76 per ounce. The Butcher’s Feast is the running menu item, and Steak Omakase, which costs about $225 per person, is the fanciest. The Korean touch extends to more than just the ambiance and cooking style and is manifested in the taste of side dishes. The wine menu is extensive – over 1,200 labels.
  4. Club A (240 E 58th St): Club A Steakhouse was established in 2008 in the place of its owner’s former restaurant, which he ran for about three decades. It’s a family-run steakhouse where the owner oversees the operations with three of his sons. The ambiance heavily tilts towards the color red, and the walls are adorned with framed photographs. It offers a classic steakhouse experience paired with great service and amazing wine. Tiramisu is a menu highlight, other than the steaks.

An honorable mention is the Old Homestead Steakhouse (56 9th Ave), one of the oldest in the city, with its roots going back to 1868.

Best Steakhouses In Brooklyn

  1. Peter Luger Steak House (178 Broadway): Peter Luger is among the oldest steakhouses in New York and the oldest steakhouse in the borough. It was established in 1887. The selection of the finest premium cuts is one of the hallmarks of this establishment, and they are dry-aged on-site. It’s a cash-only establishment.
  2. The Loft Steakhouse (1306 40th St): The Loft offers a classic Ambiance with brick walls and a classy wine library, with a sommelier that offers great pairings. It’s a Kosher steakhouse with a diverse menu. The service is great, the environment quiet and classy, and the food is exceptional.
  3. St. Anselm (355 Metropolitan Ave): St. Anselm neither has the history nor the classy ambiance of other steakhouses you may find on this list. All it has is a great steak, served in a cozy environment by friendly wait staff. The Butcher’s and Hanger Steak are quite famous. It has a modest dinner and lunch menu and a reasonably extensive wine list. The prices are more affordable compared to their fancier counterparts.
  4. Bordeaux Steakhouse (1922 Coney Island Ave): Bordeaux is an upscale kosher steakhouse with a diverse menu and is famous for its Mexican food items. The steaks are well-received by most of the diners for both their taste and the presentation. The service is good, and the restaurant also offers valet parking.

Best Steakhouses In Queens

  1. Christos Steak House (4108 23rd Ave): Christos is an American steakhouse with Greek overtones. They use USDA prime cuts and dry age them for 21 days to be used in the steakhouse or sold through the butcher shop. The menu has steaks, seafood items, and a variety of entrees and appetizers, many of which are Greek in origin.
  2. Hapisgah (147-25 Union Tpke, Flushing): Hapisgah markets itself as the city’s first glatt kosher steakhouse (established in 1990). The term glatt refers to meat obtained from animals with unblemished lungs. The cost-to-quality ratio may be a bit off for some diners, but it’s considered justifiable because of its glatt kosher sourcing. It has a diverse menu dominated by Italian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern items.
  3. Villa Brazil Café Grill (43-16 34th Ave): Villa Brazil is a great place to have an affordable steak dinner (or lunch). The quality is great, especially for the price. It’s a coveted place for a Brazilian buffet, including everything from meats to sandwiches, but the steaks can be considered a highlight as well.
  4. Boca Juniors (81-08 Queens Blvd): Boca is an Argentinian steakhouse and a famous place for Arengetenian-style BBQ in Queens. The steak menu is relatively small, but the quality and taste are good, but the rest of the menu receives modest appreciation from diners at best.

Best Steakhouses In the Bronx

  1. Jake’s Steakhouse (6031 Broadway): Jake’s is one of the best places in the Bronx for steak (and beer). Everything, from ambiance and service to the taste of the steak, is amazing, and the porterhouse is an all-time favorite.
  2. Connaughton’s Riverdale Steakhouse (5700 Riverdale Ave): It’s an Irish bar combined with a steakhouse, though the ambiance leans more towards the bar setting than a traditional steakhouse. The steak is well-received by most diners, and it can be a great spot if you like to pair your steak with Irish whiskey.
  3. Fiorentina Steakhouse (3617 E Tremont Ave): Fiorentina is a relatively new steakhouse/Italian restaurant that offers great steak and service, ambiance, and presentation to compliment it. It’s a classy establishment with a good wine selection.
  4. Edo Restaurant (4787 Boston Post Rd, Pelham): Edo Restaurant is a Japanese steakhouse that offers Japanese food in a traditional setting. The chefs prepare the food in front of the patrons. The steak is good, but the experience and several other items on the menu are better.

Best Steakhouses In Staten Island

  1. West Shore Inn Steakhouse (3955 Victory Blvd): West Shore Inn was established in 1964 and is among the island’s premier choices for steak and seafood. The ambiance and service are great. Steak prices are a bit on the higher side, but the menu is rich in affordable options.
  2. Ruddy & Dean American Steakhouse (44 Richmond Terrace): Ruddy & Dean is a classic steakhouse/chophouse that offers steaks made from dry-aged cuts, cooked almost perfectly (as per most diners). The wait staff is exceptional though parking may be a sore spot.

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