Your Comprehensive Guide To NYC Luxury Amenities

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New York is home to some of the world’s most impressive and exclusive real estate. At any given time, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of properties in the market with an eight-digit price tag. Naturally, such exclusive real estate comes with impressive luxury amenities.

Luxury Amenities

The term luxury amenities is subjective and varies greatly from one buyer to another, as well as among different sellers. Some condos and co-ops list relatively commonplace amenities as luxury because they are rare in an area, and there are few buildings in the vicinity that might offer the same amenities. In contrast, many high-end buildings do not market their amenities as a luxury, even if they are rare city-wide because of the high bar of the clientele they serve.

Note that most of the amenities below are building-wide amenities and not apartment amenities.

Another important thing to understand is that hotel buildings that also offer apartments often give residents complete access to hotel amenities.

Common Luxury Amenities

The following amenities are quite common in most high-end condominiums and co-ops, but they are still a mark of luxury. There is also a significant amount of variation in these amenities, and some of them are far more luxurious than others.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are becoming a common luxury amenity in most high-end condominiums and co-ops. This includes indoor pools, outdoor pools, heated pools, as well as terrace pools. Many penthouse apartments come with their own pools, which may get as big as 50 feet or more in some exclusive properties. Many of the common indoor pools that are open to all the residents of the building have lengths between 50- and 75 feet. There are both freshwater and saltwater pools.


  • 200 Amsterdam Avenue (Upper West Side): A 75-foot saltwater pool.
  • 111 West 57th Street (Midtown West): A 82-foot lap pool.

Spas and Saunas

Spas and Saunas often fall under a building’s health and wellness amenities. Most of the buildings offer spa and sauna facilities on the same floor/space as the pool. They may also include massage services, jacuzzis, and steam rooms. Many developers are also incorporating hammams as a luxury amenity in the same vein. Private saunas attached to the apartments are a relatively rare luxury amenity.


  • 525 West 52nd Street: In-house spa(Managed by Temple Spa)
  • Maverick Chelsea (215 W 28th St): Sauna, massage room, and steam room.

Experiential Shower

Experiential showers are an amenity similar to pools, spas, and saunas, but they are not as common. It can be a separate shower, shower path, or common shower that allows residents to enjoy a shower at different temperatures and intensities. It can be an amazing experience.


  • Lantern House (515 W 18th St)

Fitness Center

Indoor fitness centers are becoming increasingly common, especially in new condominiums. However, the luxury versions of these in-house fitness centers are often well-equipped and well-managed and may offer an extensive variety of fitness options and machines. Many fitness centers also incorporate sports activities like basketball and tennis courts.


  • 125 Greenwich Street: Fitness center, yoga studio, and 24-hour access.
  • 520 West 28th Street

Screening Rooms/In-House Cinema

Screening rooms in luxury condos and co-op buildings are usually accessible to residents for they can enjoy movies, live sports, and even arrange presentations. The space is managed by the building and might require advance booking. The size of the screening room and the screen, as well as the acoustics, may differ from one building to another. Some might mimic conventional cinema, while others might closely resemble a home theater.


  • 33 Park Row: a 12-Person screening room
  • The Cortland NYC (555 W 22nd St): A screening room, stage, and VR room.

Playrooms for Children

Playrooms for children are just as common in mid-range condos as they are in higher-end places, but the facilities differ by a significant margin. When offered as a luxury amenity, playrooms for children may include an imagination room crafted to bring out the children’s creative side, separate rooms for teenagers and younger children, gaming consoles, and separate activity areas.


  • 111 Murray Street: Game tables, arcades, and media room.
  • 70 Vestry St: An educational game room.

Private Dining Suite

Private dining suites and spaces are often small segments of common space divided for privacy that residents can use to entertain guests or enjoy relatively small parties they can’t or won’t host inside the apartment.


  • 15 Hudson Yards: Two private dining rooms with a bar area and catering kitchen.

Wine Cellars (With Tasting Area)

Common wine cellars are a part of several old (restored) and new buildings in New York. They are often accompanied by a tasting area. Private wine cellars are rare and may come with larger apartments, typically penthouses.


  • 15 Central Park West
  • 432 Park Avenue
  • The Woolworth Tower Residences (2 Park Pl)

(Relatively) Rare Luxury Amenities

Conference Rooms/Meeting Space

Conference rooms and meeting spaces are relevant luxury amenities for residents that might want to hold business meetings and corporate events close to home. Some of these meeting rooms are spacious and lavishly furnished, while others are small and practical.


  • 15 Central Park West: 1,400 square feet of meeting space.
  • 432 Park Avenue: Adorned with a custom-marble conference table and equipped for video conferencing.

Private Elevators

Private elevators that open directly into your apartment are relatively rare and most often found in penthouse apartments that take on the entire floor. The mechanism is usually key-controlled, so only the designated individuals can use the elevator. It allows more privacy to the residents, making it a sought-after luxury amenity.


  • Jardim (527 West 27th St)

Resident-Only Restaurants and Catering

In-house catering is common in buildings that are primarily occupied by hotels but also have a few luxury condos. Residents of these buildings can benefit from the catering services of the hotels they are co-inhabiting with. Resident-only restaurants and private dining spaces that only residents of a building (usually a condominium) have access to are rare and highly exclusive places and luxury amenities. A less exclusive version, though still a luxury amenity, is having restaurants in the building that are open to the public, but residents have priority reservations.


  • The Beekman Residences (123 Nassau St): Private dining roomwith chef’s table.

Studio Suites for Housekeepers and Assistants

A few high-end condominiums also offer studio suites that residents of the building can buy to use for their domestic employees, like housekeepers and assistants. The proximity ensures that the residents can call upon the employees at a moment’s notice. However, residents can also buy them for other purposes like a home office or storage space.


  • 15 Central Park West: 29 suites available.
  • 432 Park Avenue: Multiple suites with a versatile layout.

Creative/Artistic Spaces and Art Galleries

Great locations and proximity to spaces like art galleries and museums are a hallmark of some of NYC’s most luxurious apartment buildings. However, some developers go a step further and develop buildings with in-house galleries. A different but equally engaging amenity is a dedicated art space for residents where they can express their creativity and experience different art forms like music.


  • One Waterline Square (675 W 59th St): Multiple amenities in the Waterline Club, including an indoor garden and art, music, and a video/photo studio.
  • Olympic Tower (645 5th Ave): Sculptural Art Gallery.

In-Door Golf Simulator

Indoor golf simulators are offered by multiple luxury apartment buildings in NYC. It allows residents to enjoy the game in an indoor setting.


  • One Manhattan Square (225 Cherry St)


Observatories are part of a few high-rise buildings in the city that can offer compelling views to the residents. They may not be exclusive to the residents of the building, but residing so close to it gives them ample opportunities to visit and take in the views it offers.


  • 50 West

Private Lobby

The private lobby can be a feature in buildings that have residential, as well as office or retail spaces. A private lobby is different from the main lobby of the building and is dedicated to the needs of the permanent residents of the building. This ensures that the residents have access to support staff and full concierge services 24/7, and the resources are not shared with the commercial tenants/occupants of the building.


  • The Woolworth Tower Residences (2 Park Pl)

A Bowling Alley and Rock Climbing Wall

A bowling alley and rock climbing wall are not that different from other fitness and entertainment activities many luxury buildings offer, but they are comparatively rare.


  • The Aldyn (60 Riverside Blvd): A bowling alley and a 38-foot rock climbing wall.
  • The Copper:Only a Climbing Wall.

Private Club

Some luxury apartment buildings offer their residents access to private clubs, often with an impressive range of amenities. The most prominent example is the Central Park Club, which is open only to the residents of Central Park Tower. It’s 50,000 square feet of dedicated space, which includes luxury amenities like a terrace garden, a private restaurant, a grand ballroom, and a comprehensive wellness center.


  • Central Park Tower (217 W 57th St)


Beehives are simultaneously a luxury amenity and a compelling green feature beloved by environmentally conscious homebuyers in NYC. The luxury element comes in the form of the residents’ exclusive access to honey (and products made from them).


  • The Solaire (20 River Terrace)
  • 730 Third Ave

Pet Care

Pet care by itself may not be a luxury amenity, but if it’s offered by a dedicated service provider and covers almost all aspects of pet care, including grooming and vet, it can be quite luxurious.


  • 555Ten (555 10th Ave)

Car Elevator

A car elevator is perhaps the rarest of the luxury amenities available in NYC, as there is just one apartment in the city with this amenity. The owner of that apartment can literally take their car inside their home using this elevator.


  • 200 11th Avenue Penthouse

Luxury Concierge Services

Concierge services are common in a broad range of condominiums and co-ops. However, there are certain concierge services in some of the most luxurious buildings in NYC that you might not find in their modest counterparts. These services may include:

  • Art shipping, storage, installation, and restoration.
  • Booking private charter.
  • Complete event planning.
  • Developing a travel itinerary and arranging bookings.

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