11 Best Burger Places In Queens

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Like other NYC boroughs, Queens has its fair share of fantastic food establishments, including burger places. The following 11 are among the best places to visit in the borough if you are craving a delicious and fulfilling burger.

  1. Donovan’s Pub (57-24 Roosevelt Ave): Donovan’s pub offers some of the best burgers in Queens, and according to many patrons, some of the best in the city. They don’t add artificial flavors, and almost all the options are revered. The wings and onion rings are coveted as well, though don’t expect the same quality from the fries.  
  1. Bareburger (71-49 Austin St, Forest Hills):The Forest Hills branch of the Bareburger is the most highly rated, and with good reason. While their conventional beef burgers are exceptional, they also have excellent vegan options. The organization focuses on fresh organic ingredients for their burgers. The impossible burger is a common choice, along with their sweet potato fries.
  1. Jackson Hole (69-35 Astoria Blvd N): Jackson Hole in Astoria Heights is arguably one of the best burger places in the entire borough. It offers a wide variety of burger options, including vegan, though its turkey burgers are perhaps the most famous. It’s a cash-only establishment, and some patrons find it a bit pricey, but most burgers are justifiably massive.
  1. Burger Club (32-02 30th Ave.): Burger Club in Astoria offers a relaxed atmosphere and a fantastic variety of burgers. The mac and cheese burger here is a standard favorite. They also offer hand-cut fries and amazing salads and are known for their waffle fries. The spot is not too pricey, and the portions are pretty generous.
  1. THE BARONESS burgers + beers (47-18 Vernon Blvd): If you are looking for a good bar with great burgers, the Baroness in Hunters Point might be the place for you. The owners pride themselves on fresh meats (daily procured) for their burgers and recipes that have remained unchanged for over a decade. The drinks are just as good as the burgers, and the fries are amazing. However, if you are looking for something very specific, like overcooked patties, make sure you let the waitstaff know.
  1. Halalbee’s (182-26 Hillside Avenue): Halalbee’s in Hollis is a great burger place to go, especially if you are interested in meat from grass-fed beef. Many customers find Halalbee’s burgers relatively lighter (on their digestive systems) compared to other options. The lunatic and nacho burgers are famous choices, but the place is also known for its shakes, chicken nuggets, and truffles.
  1. Five Guys (73-25 Woodhaven Blvd): The Five Guys on Woodhaven Boulevard is the best-rated one in Queens. It offers many burger options, and most of them are loved by the usual (or occasional patrons). The service and cleanliness are admired, but the serving of fries (along with the burgers) is not as generous as many people like it to be, though the burgers themselves are quite fulfilling. The milkshakes are just as (if not more) famous as the burgers are.
  1. Shake Shack Forest Hills (71-24 Austin St): The Shake Shack in the Forest Hills is a solid burger place. Most people have amazing experiences but if you have specific requests regarding your burger (especially about how your meat should be cooked), make sure you convey how important that is for you. Street parking is not ideal.
  1. The Local Press (92-15 Rockaway Blvd): Char-grilled burgers, amazing staff, patties cooked perfectly as per your specifications, and a gentle ambiance – these are the traits the Local Press offers to its patrons. The place might be slightly pricey for some, but it’s more than worth it. What’s more, you can watch your food being prepared in front of you. Their turkey burgers are quite famous.
  1. Arepas Burger (81-05 Northern Blvd): Arepas Burger in Jackson Heights brings you the taste of Venezuelan cuisine. The burgers are massive and delicious, and some of them are quite different from the mainstream options you have at every other burger place. It’s also known for its Cachapas and Empanadas. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box options that are likely to taste great, this is the burger place to visit.
  1. Burger Village (40-17 Broadway): Burger village is famous for its organic, all-natural burgers with gluten-free meats and gluten-free buns. It’s also a peanut-free establishment that prides itself in a “farm-to-fork” approach to making burgers. There are plenty of vegan options, and in the meat options, the bison burger stands out from the rest of the menu. The fries and onion rings are just as coveted as the burgers. The base price for most burgers falls between $12 and $14, but add-ons can push the price from $16 to $18.

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